Thursday, September 11, 2008

4-month doctor visit

I forgot to post about Hannah's 4-month doctor's I'll do it now that she's 5 months old! :) Hannah weighed 17 lb 2 oz and was 25 inches long on August 21! That puts her in the 90th percentile for weight and 80-85th percentile for height!

Cubs Games

Last weekend Hannah and I drove up to Cincinnati to meet my family for a couple of Cubs games....Cubs v. Reds. The Cubs lost the first one but won the second. Go Cubbies!!

New Things

Hannah has started sucking her thumb, AND she's started taking her NC State paci!

Who's Holding Me?

Hannah's holding her bottle and her paci.

Hannah's 4-month pictures

Do you see the progression here? See what picture #2 led to in picture #3? And she was smiling so nicely!


Here is Hannah and her first attempts at eating cereal.....

She wasn't too impressed until sweet potatoes came along. Those were quite delicious!

The bib was tasty, too!

Catching Up